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Big Mouth Little Ears

14 Nov

We sometime as men open our big traps without thinking about the people who are in need of help but a help we can’t give. The help I’m talking about is just being there for them when they need us the most. Some one to lean on, some one to hold when needed, some one to just LISTEN. We seem to know how to mess things up, but never seem to know how to fix them.When you say you love some one and they ask for some space, LISTEN to them and give it to them, because if you don’t you could very well drive them away, further a part. This is not coming from my head it coming from my heart. I have done this very thing¬†recently, and with a woman, I love very much, and I wish now that I had paid attention and LISTENED. Saying your sorry really doesn’t help, but being their friend, and being there for them does. Most of all shut your mouth and open your ears and LISTEN¬†. The most help you can give anybody during these times is friendship, kindness, patience, and loving them for just who they are, not asking for any more.